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Navigating Washington DC: Exploring Real Estate, Living, and Homes for Sale in the Capital


Washington, DC, has often been ranked as one of the most competitive real estate markets in the United States. The city is bustling with culture, employment opportunities, history, and diversity. Within its unique 67 neighborhoods, Washington DC is also home to about 671 803 people. These people live in diverse environments, in different types of homes, and varying markets. In this post, we take a closer look at real estate, homes, and life in Washington, DC.

Washington DC Real Estate

Washington, DC, is a hot real estate market with some of the highest median sale prices in the country. If you are considering living in this area, some of the neighborhoods you should consider include:


Brookland is affectionately nicknamed Little Rome because it is home to Catholic University and many beautiful churches. Brookland also boasts a rich culture and art scene, with many chic shops and art galleries. If you want peace and quiet, you should definitely consider this area. The neighborhood features old homes on quiet streets lined with trees. With the help of Washington DC real estate experts The McKenna Group, you can snag a home in Brookland for around $512,000 (median sale price).

Adams Morgan

If, instead, you prefer a vibrant neighborhood with a strong nightlife scene, consider Adams Morgan. Adams Morgan has as many restaurants and bars as Brookland has churches. It is a hub for young professionals and students and is ideal for public transit, biking, or walking. Homes in this area of Washington, DC, often sell for about $600,000.


Woodridge is located in the northeast and is more suburbia than the other neighborhoods on this list. Because it borders the city’s edge, it is a quiet neighborhood. It also features old homes, some as old as 180 years, most of which are bungalows or craftsman. Woodridge is also close to Brookland, which means residents can access the neighborhood’s rich art scene. Homes range at $600,000.


Trinidad homes have a median home value of $367,000 and a sale price of $517,000, making it an excellent neighborhood for real estate investment. It is also an up-and-coming neighborhood, which means property values could rise significantly over the next few years. It offers convenient access to the Red Line and several nightlife spots, although Trinidad itself is fairly quiet.

Living in Washington DC: Old Homes and Charm

As you may know, Washington, DC, is one of the oldest cities in the country. This is why living here will feel like going back in time – in the most charming way possible. Most DC homes are pretty old, with some having been built as far back as 1920. This also means that the neighborhoods are often warm, welcoming, and rich with history.

That said, old homes tend to require more maintenance than recent ones, which is why you should always work with an experienced real estate agent when buying a DC home.

Explore Washington DC Homes for Sale with an Expert

All in all, DC is a vibrant city with charming communities, rich cultural and art scenes, and historical significance. As the capital, its vibrancy is unmatched, and you can look forward to great music, world-class restaurants, peak job opportunities, and trendy recreational locations. If you are considering moving to DC or investing in real estate here, contact DMV agent Desmond McKenna to discuss your needs. With over 11 years of experience, he is best placed to guide you to the perfect Washington, DC, home.

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