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DIY Décor Tips for Your NY Studio Apartment


The stressful part is over – you’re finally moved into your new home. You were probably busy with organizing the move, packing, and unpacking, and now here comes the fun part. It’s time to decorate your new living space and make it a home. Decorating an NYC apartment often includes two most important factors – decorations should be budget-friendly but also make sure the space looks bigger. This guide will offer some DIY décor tips for your NY studio apartment so you can get some ideas that you can adapt according to your personal style.

Start with the light

Light in your home can make a huge difference. It can make your home look smaller and gloomy, but also can make it feel airy, bright, and bigger than it actually is. Lights are very important in every living space – you should pay attention to both natural and artificial lighting. Firstly, try to maximize the natural light. Give it more access to the rooms by moving heavy furniture away from your windows and using sheer curtains. When it comes to artificial lights, you should have more than one source to create this layered effect. Lights are not only for making the room bright, some of them are necessary to create a cozy atmosphere. That’s why you should consider placing a pendant, as well as a corner lamp to give the space more dimension. For a more unique look

Bonus tip: studioapartments often have high ceilings, which is a great advantage in making the place look bigger. Instead of putting curtains only to cover the windows, go up a bit and pick higher curtains that go up the ceiling. This will visually make the space taller and bigger.

High, sheer curtains and more natural light – one of the most important décor tips for your NY studio apartment. Alt.tag: DIY décor tips for your NY studio apartment

Rugs that make the space bigger

Rugs are an essential part of home décor. They set the tone, and determine the style but also visually make the space bigger or smaller. We advise you to purchase the rug first, so you adapt other, smaller pieces to it. Also, when it comes to size, a smaller space requires a bigger rug – even though it doesn’t seem that way. Also, the rug should create contrast with other items in the room. Light-colored rugs go well with darker furniture and vice versa. Finally, materials are also very important when shopping for a rug. Think about your space and how much ‘traffic’ and maintenance the rug will need. Based on that, you’ll be able to choose rugs made of wool, cotton, or another material that requires even less upkeep. Most important is the living room rug, which should match your style and taste, but also be the one you can easily take care of.

Define a palette to help you pick items

One of the easiest ways to decorate an apartment is to have a plan. And by plan, we mean a palette of colors and some style inspiration photos. If you pick items within a palette you previously selected, it will be much easier to create a connection between them and make the place more cohesive and stylish.

If you have a palette to follow, it will be easier to pick the right items for a more stylish, unified look. Alt.tag: home décor in a living room

Stay away from clutter

Even if a minimalistic style is not your favorite, try to stay away from cluttered, cramped spaces. Hide everything that doesn’t need to be seen – from everyday clutter to appliances you don’t use on daily basis. Give your home a more polished and organized look by getting rid of unnecessary pieces or simply hiding them in a cabinet.

Bonus tip: if you feel like there are more items in yourhome than you need daily, find them in a safe place outside your apartment. Renting a storage unit is a practical solution for excess stuff – pack them safely in eco-friendly bins and don’t worry about clutter in your home.

Décor should be visible, but you can hide clutter items behind cabinet doors. Alt.tag: living room décor in NY

Remove doors that you don’t need

Open-space design is a very popular concept. But, if you live in a small NY Studio apartment, you can’t really make it happen. But, that’s not completely true. If there are doors you don’t need, be free to remove them. This is usually the door between the living room and kitchen. Removing the doors will make the space more airy and open, but also visually bigger.

Get the furniture that fits

It’s essential to find furniture that fits your new place. Studio apartments in NYC are often quite small, but they don’t need to feel like that. Pick furniture that’s not bulky and heavy. Pieces that have smaller dimensions and are elevated from the ground will give theroom amore airy feel. Also, acrylic coffee tables and chairs go well with smaller spaces. You can pick an acrylic desk for your home office and have a stylish piece that doesn’t overcrowd the space.


Mirrors on the walls and items with mirror details are a great way to decorate your NY studio apartment. They come in different shapes and styles, can fit multiple décor ideas, and visually make every space bigger. You can do a DIY project and decorate the frame of your mirror with some stones, branches, etc. Get a glue gun and some paint and start! Also, a popular mirror DIY is to take a couple of basic black-frame mirrors and put them together in a real statement piece. Possibilities are endless!

However, these pieces are quite fragile so it’s important to handle them with care during the move. Professional packers at packandgomoversny.com always recommend expert services and supplies for relocating such fragile pieces.

Vintage pieces

Mixing modern and vintage pieces is the best way to decorate your NY studio apartment, as you can create a unique look and give your home a personal touch. New York has some amazing vintage stores you can visit and see if there’s a piece for you. But, don’t forget to go through your old items or your parent’s attic. A once-forgotten lamp can now be turned into a chic piece and make a statement in your home.

Decorating is a process

Turning an apartment into a home is a process. It’s about collecting interesting pieces, mixing and matching, and making the space truly yours. That’s why you should apply these tips for your new NY studio apartment, but also take your time until fully satisfied with your living space.

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