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Pool Safety Tips For Our Loveable Pets


Are you a pet parent? If you have pets, then you probably do not treat them as animals but as part of your family. You wouldn’t want a member of your family to get into an accident in the pool. Just as you safeguard your kids, you would safeguard your loveable pets too. Your pets can stray near the pool when no one is around. This can lead to a nasty accident. Small pets can even lose their lives by drowning. This can be a major tragedy, and you need to take measures to prevent this.

Some pets love playing in the pool, but that doesn’t mean you can leave them to play on their own. Safety precautions are needed to keep your pets safe. If you have smaller pets like hamsters, rabbits, or gerbils, they can drown in water. It is important to make your pool pet-safe. The tips given below will help you with this.

1) Know about your pet

Some people assume that pets love to play in the water. Dogs, especially enjoy being in water. While this is usually true, it is not correct in all cases. There are many species of dogs that do not like water. This is true of breeds like pugs and bulldogs. When put in a pool, such dogs will try to escape and get into a panicky situation without knowing how to climb out. Most cats dislike water and small kittens can even drown.

This is why you need to know about your pet. Understand more about your pet and do some research. Not all pets like to use the pool. Knowing about this will help you decide whether you want to take your pool near the water or not. Small pets like hamsters and gerbils need to be caged and should never be allowed in the pool area as it can be fatal.

2) Talk to the vet

Even if your pet likes water, it is always advisable to talk to your vet. The vet will tell you if your pet can be allowed into the pool. You can also get tips on how to ensure your pet is safe in the pool. Some pets can have health issues that can cause problems if they get into the water. This is why it is best to talk to your vet before allowing your pet into the pool.

3) Teach your pet how to swim

Pets that love water don’t need any swimming lessons. They usually take to water naturally. However, when they are puppies, they need to be trained in using the pool. Let your pet know how to enter and exit the pool. This is a major issue since pets can get confused if they don’t know how to exit the pool. Teaching them to enter/exit the perth swimming pool and swimming is a good safety tip.

4) Secure your pool

It is mandatory as per law to have a barrier to prevent anyone from accessing your pool and face risks. This will help your pet too. If you have fencing around the pool, there can be gaps in the fencing. Your pet can slip through the gap and enter the pool when no one is around. You need to ensure that you have barriers placed horizontally on the fence. The gate to the fence must be locked. The height of the fence must be such that your pet cannot climb or jump over it. Make your pool area pet-safe starting with the barriers.

One more effective way of securing your pool is to use a pool cover. A hard pool cover or a mesh-type of cover ensures that your pool is completely covered. No one can enter the pool. This is the best way of securing your pool and preventing any accidents. You need to ensure that the pool cover is not made of tarpaulin. If your pet walks on a tarp cover, it can fall in the pool.

5) Use sensors and cameras

Sensors near your pool is a good idea to ensure pool safety. Apart from keeping your furry friends safe, it also secures your pool from unauthorized entry by strangers or your own kids. The sensor will sound an alarm when your pet crosses the barrier. You can then rush to the pool and prevent an unpleasant incident. Also, installing close circuit cameras near the pool is a good option. This will allow you to keep an eye on your kids and your pets, so they don’t enter the pool on their own.

6) Have proper entry / exit points

There need to be proper entry / exit point to your pool. There can even a single point for entry and exit. What is important is that your pet should know how to enter the pool and how to exit it. Most pets try to exit from the sides. They may find it difficult to climb out because of the height and also because the sides may be slippery. If this happens, your pet can become panicky. This can cause them to flail around, increasing the risks of a serious accident.

You can get a pet ramp installed in the pool. You can then train your pet on using this ramp. This will allow your pet to enter and exit the pool comfortably. Once it learns how to do it, the risks of accidents are reduced.

7) Know how to administer CPR

CPR is important and can save a life. It is not just humans that you can save through CPR but even pets. Learn how to give CPR to your furry friends. Teach your family members including your children on giving CPR. This can save your pet’s life in case of a drowning incident.

All the tips listed in this article are simple and effective. Implementing these tips will allow you to be assured that your loveable furry friends are safe near the pool. These tips will ensure your pets can use the pool safely without any risks.

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