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Simple Ways in Which Architects are Responsible for the Construction of a Distribution Center 


Logos and taglines are the soul of a brand. Just like they’re necessary for brand building, likewise, architecture plays a major and similar role in determining the aura of the distribution center. A simple non-appealing structure will more often than not fail to impress the employees as well as customers. That’s because people judge a structure based upon some key architectural details like:

  • The uniqueness of the building.
  • How spacious it is.
  • What’s the design of the interiors like?
  • How practical the building is.
  • How strong is the structure?

A good architectural design is a combination of creativity and judgement. Without either of the two, the design will fail to grab the attention. So, if you are about to get your distribution center renovated or you’re planning to get a new one built, it is very important that the architect you hire holds a lot of experience in designing unique buildings that are equally strong. Some such successful distribution centers – that should be a quality benchmark for all commercial buildings – that have been put to life by architects from one of the most reputable firms, Stendel Reich architecture are listed below. 

  1. Shoppers Drug Mart in Ontario.
  2. SF Marketing in Quebec.
  3. Jean Coutu in Ontario.
  4. Provigo Boucherville in Quebec.
  5. Reitmans in Quebec.

The key reasons that these designs on paper flourished as practical buildings too have been given in the guide below. These reasons are also the pillars around which reputable architectural firms work. Hence, do keep in mind all of them when you choose an architect for your business. 

  1. They Get Government’s Approval

The state laws for commercial buildings are quite complicated and they differ from region to region. It is the duty of an architect:

  • To create a design that complies with all these rules. 
  • To get the designs cleared by the government so that the construction can be started legally.
  1. They Offer Vision to Build a Practical Design 

A practical design is something that:

  • Offers enough space to accommodate new automotive machines.
  • Offers proper ventilation to ensure the safety of the workers.
  • Offer proper and accurate temperature control features so that the goods kept in the warehouse do not get spoilt due to heat, moisture, humidity, etc.
  • Is environmentally safe.
  1. They Offer Non-Architectural Advice

An architect is responsible for the project from the beginning until the end. They are, thus, the experts who should and must:

  • Give you an idea about the approximate money that’ll go into project completion.
  • Give you updates about the work progress when the design is rolled out on land.
  • Inspect the construction site from time to time to keep an eye on the building and the fact that the workers are following all the aspects that the architects created.

Clearly, the success and failure of a building actually begins at the planning level itself. Which is why it’s wise that you choose an experienced architect who knows what they’re doing so that the building comes out to be practically as good as it was on paper. 

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