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Simplify It: 5 Tips For Making A Home Tidy Up Easy


It doesn’t matter if you are spring cleaning, tidying up the garden or just decluttering the home, it always helps to make the job as easy as possible. There is no point in feeling overwhelmed by the amount of cleaning you have to do as there are many ways in which you can simplify the process!

So, whether you’re just engaging in a simple declutter or getting top class skip hire in Dandenong, here are some ways to simplify home cleaning.

  • Ditch perfectionism

Sure, we all have the perfect idea of how our home should look, but it can be really difficult to tackle all the chores to make it look that way. When you start equating your cleaning jobs: floors, kitchen, dusting, clutter etc. it can easily become very overwhelming.

What’s more, some of these jobs can be incredibly annoying to tackle every week, so you may just want to leave one for every few weeks or so. By embracing the “good enough” philosophy, you can take care of the more important jobs that, when completed, will make your home look fresh and tidy regardless of what you missed!

  • Go room to room

The best way to methodically clean a home is to go from room to room, cleaning each aspect of it as you see necessary. The opposite, running from place to place, trying to tackle the one job over a series of rooms, is a cleaner’s enemy and should never be undertaken.

So, handle each job in each room at the one time, tackling the jobs specific to that room as you go. This way, you can methodically move from room to room without worrying about, for example, the dusting in the downstairs bedroom and the upstairs ensuite at the same time!

  • Declutter flat surfaces

When cleaning, there is nothing worse than being impeded by clutter on flat surfaces. For example, when cleaning kitchen and bathroom benchtops, you don’t want to have endless cups, glasses, plates, toothbrushes, toothpaste tubes and more blocking your path to a clean wipe down. The same goes with the floors: if you can move any chairs or plants out of the way – don’t be afraid to do it.

  • Don’t wait ‘til the place is a mess!

We get it: you don’t like cleaning. We think most people don’t, but it’s something that has to be done so that your home doesn’t turn into a pigsty that can’t be easily cleaned in the future!

It’s so much easier to do little spells of cleaning once every week or two than allow your home to look like a bomb has gone off, so be sure to undertake little spells of cleaning here and there to ensure the job doesn’t become a nightmare down the track…

  • If it’s really bad, grab a skip

Sometimes, we have to undertake that big clean. Whether we’re moving house, clearing out a heap of unnecessary goods or doing, say, a garden working bee, a big job comes across every now and then and should be taken care of with absolute efficiency.

One of the best ways to ensure this efficiency is produced is through hiring a skip bin to throw all the waste and unnecessary stuff you don’t need anymore. Skip bins are an absolute dream when it comes to big cleans, and you might actually struggle to do the job without one – so be sure to have this imperative equipment at your next big clean!


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