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DIY Home Repairs to Undertake Before a Move


Planning for a move can be hectic. It involves numerous preparations and expenses. This gets worse when you have faulty appliances and fixtures and have to undertake some repairs. Although you can engage a professional, this can be costly, and you want to save every penny for the move. You have no reason to fret, though! There are many DIY repairs that you can undertake by yourself and save time and money.

 Here are things that you can fix without having to call a pro:

  1. Leaky kitchen pipes

Leaky pipes can cause water damage to your home if left unattended. If you notice leaks and water drops from your pipes, perhaps it’s time to do some tightening. Typically most leaks result from unsecured piping, and you can fix this by tightening the slip nut. However, if the leak emanates from a hole in your drain pipe, a flexible coupling with a hose clamp would be ideal.

  1. Installing lighting fixtures

You may have packed everything and contacted the Moving Company Las Vegas, only to notice missing fixtures. Should I call an electrician? Won’t this take time? Don’t bother yourself with questions, there’s a quick fix! You can install or replace lighting fixtures safely without engaging a professional. Head online and research on electrical systems; this will give an idea of how to go about the task. However, if you feel uncomfortable, organize for a professional immediately.

  1. Gutter installations

Clogged gutters are a threat to your home. They may lead to pooling water around your house and leaks in the basement, causing mold and water damage to your property. If your gutters are clogged, you may not need to replace them. Instead, clean the debris, soil, and leaves to ensure smooth water flow. In case of leaks, climb on the ladder and fit new gutters. This doesn’t require professional expertise, but you need someone to hold the ladder for enhanced stability.

  1. Hanging a wallpaper

 Painting is a major home upgrade that comes with multiple costs. You’ll require paint, brushes and also hire a professional painter. What happens if my walls aren’t in the best condition and I am on a budget? A wallpaper might come to your rescue. The only challenge lies in coordinating the patterns and straightening the paper on the walls. However, you can call a friend to help out and watch yourself transform your walls to a more striking look.

How can I best prepare for the move after undertaking the repairs?

You may be through with the repairs but still, have much planning to do. First of all, contact multiple mover companies and get quotes. Compare the prices, and choose a company with lots of experience.

 If planning to hire both mover and packaging services, ensure that the team uses high-grade supplies. Otherwise, acquire quality packaging supplies online or from your local store. Moreover, discuss this with your family members, especially kids. Have them tour the new home before relocating, to help them familiarize with the surrounding.

In summary, moving doesn’t mean that you leave your former home in a mess. There are different DIY repairs that you can undertake to ensure a more functional and beautiful space. Moreover, hire professional movers and enjoy a stress-free move.

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