When it comes to our health, we all believe that prevention is better than cure. It is no different when it comes to the health of your own home. Water damage can be seen as a disease of the home. It can impact the health of the home. When left untreated for long, it can cause structural damage which can make the house unsafe to stay. Many homeowners think that water damage is unpreventable. That is not true. Yes, water will always find a way inside the home, but it doesn’t always have to be in a damaging way. Direct Waterproofing Company will help you to find waterproofing solutions that will protect your home from any kind of water damage. Interior and exterior waterproofing are some of the most popular ways. However, other preventive steps can help to protect your home.

Cleaning the Sewer Drain

The sewer drain carries all the wastewater away from home. This water then enters the main underground sewers. There is no denying that sewers are an essential part of our home and our house won’t function correctly without them. It is undeniable that a clogged gutter can cause damage. It is always best to keep the gutters clean and in perfect condition.

Drain Cleaning and Snaking

The clogs in the drain can give rise to significant issues. The problem becomes even bigger when the clog is in the mainline. Blocked drainpipes will lead to the malfunctioning of the plumbing system at home. This will lead you to face some issues. This can be easily dealt with by using a drain snake or a drain auger. The equipment can reach deep into the pipes to find the clog and remove it. If the auger isn’t enough, then you can use various commercial drain cleaning methods.

Backflow preventers

Just the word backflow can send a chill down the spine. Backflow happens when the sewage comes up the pipe and enters the basement. The backflow preventer is installed to stop this from happening by ensuring that the flow of the sewage is in one direction. It is a mechanical system that keeps potable and non-potable separate.

Window Wells

Windows that are at or below the ground level have window wells installed. Collection of water in the wells can cause leaks and dampness in the basement. These wells have been designed to shed out water. If the water doesn’t flow out it can fill up the well and enter the home. Unclogged window wells are necessary to ensure proper functioning.

French Drains

Water collected near the home’s foundation is a clear sign of water damage happening or waiting to happen. This can be easily avoided by installing French drains. A well-installed French drain redirects the water away from the house. This water is collected in perforated pipes. Then it is transported to the absorbent gravel. The French Drain can prevent water from entering the home and protect it from water buildups that can cause cracking and flooding.

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