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The Benefits of Regularly Maintaining Grease Traps in Restaurants


A grease trap, also known as a grease interceptor, is an important device used in restaurants to capture fats, oils, and greases (FOG) before they enter the wastewater system. The primary goal of a grease trap is to keep FOG from clogging sewer pipes and contaminating the water supply. In addition to keeping plumbing systems running smoothly, regularly maintaining your grease traps can also yield other benefits for your restaurant. Let’s take a look at why it’s so important to maintain your restaurant’s grease traps.

The Importance of Grease Trap Cleaning

Regularly cleaning and maintaining your grease trap will help ensure that wastewater can flow freely and will reduce the chances of it backing up into your kitchen or dining room. Your local health department may even require you to have your traps cleaned on a regular basis. Furthermore, if too much FOG builds up in the trap, it could cause an unpleasant odor to be present in the restaurant—which is something you definitely want to avoid!

The Benefits of Having Clean Grease Traps

Having clean grease traps can reduce the amount of energy needed to heat hot water and can prevent costly plumbing repairs. When FOG accumulates in your pipes, it hardens over time and restricts water flow. This means that more energy is needed to move wastewater through the system since there’s less space for water to pass through. Additionally, when pipes are clogged with hardened FOG buildup, it increases pressure on the piping system which could lead to broken or leaking pipes—an expensive problem that you don’t want to deal with!

It is also important to note that regular maintenance of your grease traps allows you to monitor how much FOG is entering the sewage system which can prevent contamination of nearby bodies of water or groundwater sources. If too much FOG enters into these systems it could cause environmental hazards such as algae blooms or fish kills due to oxygen depletion from bacteria feeding on organic pollutants found in FOG-contaminated waters.

Maintaining your restaurant’s grease traps is essential for keeping plumbing systems running smoothly and preventing costly repairs and environmental issues. By regularly cleaning and monitoring your traps, you can ensure that wastewater flows freely without any blockages or backups into your kitchen or dining room areas—saving time, money, and resources! Additionally, by monitoring how much FOG enters into sewers or local bodies of water you are helping protect our environment from potential pollution hazards caused by contaminated waters due to organic pollutants found in FOG-contaminated waters. Restaurant owners should take steps now by properly maintaining their grease traps for all these benefits mentioned above! Call Knight Facility today.


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