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Tips for keeping your home cool in summer


Anyone who has experienced an Australian summer will know one thing: it can get frightfully hot. There are always a few days of summer where temperatures exceed the 40ºC, sending us running to the air conditioner as opposed to the beach.

So, what are some ways you can keep your home cool in summer? From freezing up your fan to picking up sun-blocking roller blinds in Newcastle, here are seven tips for keeping your home cool in the ghastly hot months of the year.

  • Pick up high quality roller blinds

High quality, sun-blocking roller blinds are a true hero of the Australian summer. When the temperatures reach those wild heights, it’s important to block out the sun in any way possible, and roller blinds made with quality blockout materials are perfect for the job.

  • Close the blinds

This may seem rather innocuous, but up to 30 per cent of a home’s unwanted heat comes in through the window, creating a pretty nasty place to sit around on those extremely hot days. Closing the blinds can drastically reduce the heat in your home, as well as lower your energy bill, as you won’t have to turn the air con up higher to make up for the nasty heat coming in through the windows at all hours of the day.

  • Freeze the fan!

Fans can be almost as effective as AC during the summer months, especially if you follow this little tip for cooling it down even more: fill a bowl with ice or an ice pack before positioning it at an angle in front of the fan. Let the fan do the rest of its now wonderful job – an icy, refreshing blast that rivals any AC.

  • Change the sheets

Changing your bedding as the months heat up is a good way to freshen your room and keep it cool. Fleece and flannel blankets are great for the winter months, when you need as much warmth as possible, but they aren’t going to do you any favours on those hot summer nights.

Instead, put cotton sheets on the bed – they are a cooler option. You can even pick up some buckwheat pillows for the family as the hulls in buckwheat have naturally-occuring air space, meaning they won’t contain your body’s heat like a typical pillow.

  • Do the doors have to be open?

Be sure to close the doors in unoccupied rooms – doing this will keep out unwanted heat in the more toasty parts of the day. Open the doors at night, though, as this may allow a cool breeze to circulate throughout the home.

  • Rotate your fan counter-clockwise

Your ceiling fan actually has to be adjusted seasonally. Run your ceiling fan counterclockwise and at a higher speed in the summer months – this will create a better airflow and something like that of a wind-chill breeze.

  • Focus on your own temperature

While it’s a good idea to focus on the home’s temperature, it’s also wise to focus on your own body’s temperature. Things like cold cloths applied to the neck and wrists and drinking ice-cold beverages are important for lowering your body’s temperature on especially hot days. Finally, be sure to keep a bowl of cold water around for dipping your hands and feet into if you get too hot during the day or night.

Trust us, these tips are wonderful!

Summer in Australia, while fun, can be very toasty. We’ve all experienced those incredibly hot days and muggy nights, and we think the above tips are a great way to keep you cool for both – enjoy!

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