Tips To Keep Your Garden Clean and Healthy


“Never underestimate the healing, power of a quiet moment in the garden.” Walking on the fresh grass is instantly calming and refreshing. Science research shows that spending alone time in nature for as less as 5 minutes can be quite enlivening. For you to experience this, you need to have a lush garden, and then you need to know the tricks to maintain it. If you have a beautiful garden, then you need to read this. We have listed ways to keep your garden clean and healthy so that you can reap as many benefits as you can.

  • Buy Plants with Healthy Roots: First thing that you don’t want as a gardener is plants with dead roots. They would be of no good and will only add to the burden. Before, buying plants from the online or local nursery, check not only the leaves but also the plant’s root system. Healthy roots are very important if you want your garden to flourish with medicinal plants, flowering plants, foliage plants, etc. Usually, white roots that are firm and spaced all over the root ball are considered to be healthy roots. Dark or mushy roots are unhealthy.
  • Water Your Plants Enough: Plants need to be hydrated all the time so that they can grow and thrive. But, overwatering or too much water in the soil can become the breeding ground for diseases. As per the individual plant’s water requirements, water the plants. Some need excess; some can grow in less as well. Have pots with draining holes. Water the roots and not the leaves because wet leaves are again a problem. Use a drip irrigation method to control the moisture levels and water sprinklers.
  • Keep an Eye On Bugs and Weeds: Disease carrying insects and bugs can do more damage than can be seen. A bug tends to eat off the plant, creating an entry point for all other viruses and bacteria. Then, some insects can transmit diseases from one plant to another. On the other hand, weeds grow and compete for nutrients from the parent plant. So, always treat them holistically and keep your plants safe from them.
  • Prune and Cleaning: Just like you need your regular trims to promote growth, plants are also in need of pruning, wilting, and cleaning. Prune the dead leaves and branches. This is important to prevent the spread of diseases to other plants. During the fall, clean the garden from the dry leaves and flowers. Invest in tools like spears, lawnmowers, and other equipment to keep your garden clean and tidy.
  • Apply Fertilizers: Plants get their daily dose of nourishment from fertilisers. Organic fertilisers rich in potassium, iron, vitamins, and minerals are necessary for plants to grow and survive. So, as per the requirements of the individual plant, enrich it with fertilisers.

After, you have cleaned your garden and taken care of the plant’s requirements to grow and flourish; add in some decorations. Beautify your garden with fountains, pebble pathways, garden furniture or hammocks, etc. To make your garden more beautiful order Singapore’s best condolence flowers are from Little Red Dot Florist.

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