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Here are 5 important reasons as to why Asphalt is the perfect choice for sloping driveways


Not everyone has a flat driveway. Some people have winding driveways, some have short driveways, and others have sloped. If your driveway is sloped, it’s a good idea to have it paved. Why? Because when it gets wet, it can get slippery and depending on the incline, it can be dangerous to walk or drive on. It needs ample traction to provide a smooth and safe surface to drive on. Here are 5 important reasons why asphalt is the perfect choice for a sloped driveway.

What is asphalt?

Asphalt and bitumen often get confused as the same thing however, they aren’t. Bitumen is essentially a liquid binder made from crude oil. Asphalt is a combination of both bitumen and aggregate. The two of these together create a strong and long-lasting surface when applied. Bitumen alone is typically more affordable than asphalt but it doesn’t offer the same smooth or appealing finish when completed. For a sloping driveway, it’s better to have asphalt than bitumen as it is a more stable surface to drive on, bitumen tends to have a looser finish whereas asphalt is more compacted and stones in the product are not as likely to come loose. Loose stones in bitumen can make a driveway slippery to drive on.

Why is Asphalt the best choice for sloping driveways?

Asphalt is a number one choice as a paving material and is commonly used to construct roads, car parks and driveways. For sloping driveways, asphalt provides a sturdy and safe material that can be walked on or driven over without the risk of slipping. Asphalt can be applied up to a 10-degree slope.

One. It’s affordable

Sloping driveways can be a challenge to construct, to say the least, and many other paving choices can be undependable for this type of application, not to mention highly expensive. Asphalt, on the other hand, is economical and more straightforward to apply. It’s exceptionally long-lasting and affordable making it a go-to choice for many with this type of driveway or any driveway for that matter.

Once an asphalt driveway has been installed, it needs very little attention over its lifespan meaning you can save yourself some serious money on maintenance and repairs over the years. If your asphalt driveway does need repairs down the track, they are straightforward and budget-friendly. Looking after your asphalt driveway will see its lifespan extend quite considerably. Damage is often sustained when it isn’t looked after. 

Two. Ensures your driveway has optimal grip

Constructing a driveway on a slope that doesn’t offer a superior level of grip and traction can be extremely hazardous. If it rains or your car tyres don’t have sufficient tread on them, driving up or down a steep driveway that offers mediocre grip can cause the car to slip or veer on the driveway. You shouldn’t dread leaving your home or coming back because driving on your driveway puts you in a state of panic.

Asphalt offers superior grip and a smooth drive. This is both safe to drive and walk on even when it’s wet.

Three. Speed up the installation time

Asphalt is one of the quickest driveway materials to install and even more so when compared to finicky techniques such as pattern laying using pavers or bricks. Additionally, once your asphalt has been laid, you can use your driveway much sooner too. The curing time is typically much less than that of concrete. Not being able to use your driveway for a week or so can be a hassle. This is not something you’ll have to worry about with an asphalt driveway.

Four. You won’t need a new driveway for a very long time

One of the great things about choosing asphalt for your sloping driveway is that once it has been installed, you aren’t going to need another for a very long time. This ensures you get maximum bang for your buck. Not only that, no one wants to continuously have to deal with driveway repairs or replacements. When looked after properly, your asphalt driveway should last for more than 30 years. Often issues such as tree roots can cause pavers to lift or move out of place or they can crack concrete. These look unsightly and can damage your car too. This won’t happen with a quality asphalt driveway.

Five. It looks good and can boost curb appeal

Freshly laid asphalt has a crisp and appealing look to it which can enhance the appearance of your home by boosting street appeal. Asphalt, when done correctly can add value to your home as well as function, and for the price, it is a worthwhile investment. Over the years, all it will need is a reseal to bring it back to its former glory.

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