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6 Steps To Follow For DIY Oriental Rug Cleaning! 


Everyone knows just how complex modern decorating with oriental rugs can be, and DIY homeowners know that Oriental rugs can be rather difficult to clean when spills and other mishaps occur.

The good news is that you don’t always have to resort to experienced rug cleaning experts when you experience problems that require extensive cleaning, because there are some DIY rug cleaning techniques that’ll support your efforts in saving money while also saving your valuable area rugs!

Below is a 6-step DIY rug cleaning plan to keep in mind when something goes wrong with your home’s Oriental rugs: 

  • Fully Remove Any Debris From The Oriental Rug 

The first thing you should always do when DIY rug cleaning is remove any debris and dirt that has gotten into the rug’s fibers and pile. This means you should also consider vacuuming the back side of your area rug, because the back side can trap all sorts of dirt that is very difficult to get rid of. 

Once you’ve thoroughly cleaned the rug’s back side, you should then move to the front side where you’ll need to slowly but surely clean the rug’s surface in the direction of the fibers. Just be careful of the rug’s edges by using the upholstery attachment! 

You can also consider using the old-fashioned rug cleaning method that includes shaking, gently beating, and then sweeping the rug repeatedly. 

  • Only Utilize Natural Cleaning Solutions 

Oriental rugs can be properly washed with cold water and natural liquid cleaners. It’s important to avoid chemical carpet cleaners and very hot water when utilizing this type of technique. 

What you’ll end up doing is filling up a bucket of luke-warm water and adding in your cleaning solution to create a good cleaning mixture. You’ll then use a soft-bristle brush and apply the soapy mixture onto your area rug. Be sure to move in the direction of your rug’s fibers and focus on square foot sections at a time. 

  1. Make The Most Of Baking Soda & Vinegar When Dealing With Odors/Stains

It’s always best to handle stains and spills immediately by blotting up any liquids with paper towels, but of course you’re also going to need some extensive DIY cleaning solutions to fully eliminate a pesky rug stain. 

This is where baking soda and vinegar along with warm water can go a very long way, and what you’ll do is apply this mixture with a cotton cloth and let it sink into the rug’s fibers for about an hour prior to blotting. 

You can also sprinkle baking soda on top of area rugs prior to vacuuming when you’re noticing a musty smell, but just be sure no one walks on the rug so the baking soda can properly sink to the fibers. 

  • Cleaning Tips For Rug Fringes 

Many Oriental rugs come with intricate fringes, and it’s important to remember that these fringes must be cleaned separately. 

The first thing you’ll want to do is comb out the rug fringe so it’s laying perfectly flat, and you can always apply warm water and vinegar during this stage when the fringe is particularly dirty. 

You’ll then apply a solution including a natural detergent and water to the area rug, and then scrub away the dirt before rinsing the fringe. 

  • Rinsing Your Oriental Rug 

Using a squeegee is a great way to fully eliminate any detergent and loose dirt that has remained within your area rug, but always make sure that you’re using the squeegee in the rug fiber direction. 

Another good DIY technique is to lay down a series of towels on top of your rug, and then walk on top of the towels to absorb the excess liquids.

  • Drying Your Area Rug 

This is a very important last step that you simply cannot neglect, because improperly drying your rug after cleaning it can lead to mildew development and other serious issues. 

The best thing to do is to place your rug in a very airy location and rotate it on a frequent basis. Be sure the rug remains flat while utilizing a fan to help you make the drying time more efficient. Although you shouldn’t keep your rug in the sun for too long, it’s perfectly safe to dry your area rug in a sunny spot for a day or two. 

Contact The Rug Specialists at Rug Source To Learn More About Modern Decorating With Oriental Rugs! 

There’s a lot that homeowners need to keep in mind when taking care of their Oriental rugs via DIY cleaning and upkeep methods, and this certainly should never be neglected. 

Taking proper care of your Oriental rugs will better ensure that they last a long time, and you can learn more about taking care of Oriental rugs by speaking with the Rug Source specialist via the link to their site at the top of the article!

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