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Benefits Why Smart Toilets Serve the Need of the Hour for Your Bathroom


In the beginning, smart systems were meant for the homes of the tech-savvy and affluent. But as smart technology started to become more mainstream, people have also become inclined to install smart toilets. Since they are comparatively new, people are not aware of their full benefits. Dive into this article to explore the multiple benefits of smart toilets for your modern home. 

  1. Top-Notch Hygiene

Unlike regular toilet seats, smart toilet seats don’t have to be manually lifted. You will also not be required to press the flushing button. Everything will get done automatically with minimal need for physical contact, which can limit the spread of germs. 

No one is a fan of cleaning their toilet seats, and the job only keeps getting delayed. But smart toilets make full use of technology to offer self-cleaning functionality. Touch-free flushing and automatic lid opening and closing offer a touchless experience and deliver the utmost comfort. 

Smart toilets can also flush out the excreta with swiftness and perfection. Therefore, they are a smart step toward ensuring health and sanitation. 

  1. Increased Comfort

When you are struggling to stay warm in winter, the last thing you want is to sit on a freezing cold toilet seat. But smart toilets come with heated systems to make your experience in the bathroom more comfortable. You can easily adjust the temperature of the toilet season according to weather changes and preferences. 

The feature is also useful for getting heat therapy. It provides relief from muscle tension by improving blood flow. 

  1. Eco-Friendly

Smart toilets come with intelligent cleaning-up options to reduce the number of toxins put out into nature. The air dryer and water spray functions of a smart toilet eliminate the need for toilet paper, which can be used only once and contributes to deforestation. Some toilets come with a bidet or jet spray as an alternative to toilet paper. Even if you have to use toilet paper on smart toilets, the quantity required will be less than on regular toilets. 

Smart toilets can also lower water usage by distributing the exact amount of water necessary for the flush. Although regular toilets are limited to 1.6 gallons per flush, smart toilets use as little as 0.6 gallons per flush,

Even though smart toilets run on electricity, they come with a power-saving mode to reduce energy consumption. If you are worried about your smart toilet consuming too much electricity, you can go for battery-operated toilets. 

  1. Improved Aesthetic

Old-fashioned toilet seats often look out of place in modern bathrooms. But smart toilets come with a stylish and aesthetic look. The all-in-one models are also extremely compact and can easily fit in different bathroom sizes. The smart toilet seats come with an intuitive design that culminates into a stellar product. 

  1. Greater Personalization

Since smart toilets operate remotely, they eliminate the need for too much physical touch. Apart from that, smart toilets can offer a greater range of convenience with increased personalization. The smart toilets enable users to personalize the water pressure, temperature, warmth of the seat, lighting, and more. 

Wrapping up

Kohler offers a collection of smart toilets to ensure that making physical contact with a toilet seat is a thing of the past. The smart toilet seats come with in-built technology. The cleanliness of smart toilet seats is unparalleled by normal toilet seats. So buy one for your bathroom now!  

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