Decorative Wall Clocks to complement your home


From work meetings and appointments to lunch dates and exercise classes – keeping track of the time is crucial for those of us who live busy lives. But who said a clock has to be purely functional? The gorgeous decorative wall clocks by One Six Eight London prove that marking time can be a chance to add some beauty to your home.

Using empty wall space to decorate is a great way to add layers and balance. But framed artwork isn’t the only way to decorate your walls. To achieve that minimal chic look that you see everywhere on Pinterest, you’ve got to experiment with texture, shape and materials. A chunky macrame wall hanging, a quirky framed mirror and yes – even a clock can help bring a space alive.

How do I choose a wall clock?

As with any decor decisions, it pays to think carefully before you buy. Below we share a handy guide on how to choose the right wall clock for your home, plus some tips on how to decorate with your gorgeous new clock.

Choosing can be tough, but taking time to think through your options can help you feel more confident in your decision. If you’re a “buy once, buy well” kind of person, it’s important to choose a clock that you love and that fits into your home naturally. Narrow down your options by asking yourself the following questions.

What’s my style?

Does your home have a clean, minimalist style or does it have more of a cosy cottage feel? For minimalist homes, you might prefer a clock that just has numbers and no minute markings. Or if that’s even too much, try a clock that doesn’t have any numbers either! For example, the Oscar wall clock by One Six Eight London has a lovely wooden base with charcoal coloured dials and golden clock hands.

If you’re looking for something louder, consider getting a coloured clock or an oversized wall clock. Think about the colours, textures and materials already in your room and pick a clock that ties in some of these elements.

What colour is my wall?

This is more important than you might realise. The colour of your wall can dramatically change the appearance of your clock. In its product photographs, the clock might be displayed on a navy blue feature wall but when you place it on your off-white kitchen wall, it could have a completely different effect.

If you’re looking for a beautiful but understated look, match the clock face colour to your wall colour. The clock frame will add a pop to make it stand out. For example, the Olivia wall clock by One Six Eight London looks great on a white wall even though it has a white face. The thin wooden frame gives it just the right amount of elevation from the wall.

Alternatively, go contrasting. Pick a clock face colour that really pops out from your wall. For example, a white frameless clock like Luca by One Six Eight London works great on any coloured wall.

How much decor is already on my wall and in my room?

If your walls are looking really empty, you might want to choose a statement wall clock to draw the eye. On its own, a beautiful clock can help transform a wall and bring life to your room.

For rooms that are very white and airy, try adding a grounding black clock like the striking Carter clock by One Six Eight London. The boldness of the black will capture the eye while the simplicity of its design will complement a modern office or kitchen space.

If your wall or room is already displaying a lot of decor, look for a clock that will blend in seamlessly. For example, if you’re a houseplant fanatic, a wooden wall clock like Willow by One Six Eight will bring a beautiful natural element to complement the greenery in your home.

If you have a lot of pink accents in your decor such as your throw rugs and pillows, floor rugs and wall art, consider a pink clock to tie in with your other decor items.

How do you decorate a wall with clocks?

Wall clocks traditionally go in the kitchen or office, but this is not a hard and fast rule. You could hang your clock in the lounge room, the hallway or even lean it against the wall on your bedside table.

The great thing about decor is that you can rearrange it whenever you like. When you bring your new clock home, play around with where to place it and where you place your other decor too. Change it up regularly for a fresh new look – it’s a great way to stay inspired with your home decor!

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