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Beginner’s guide on how to paint Grasscloth wallpaper


Grasscloth wallpapers are known for their expensive and luxurious texture and look. It is a timeless type of house wallpaper that you will go crazy about. Not only because of its finish but the quality and durability it could offer to your home.

And for those who would like to keep that stunning effect on their walls but want some changes in colors, painting is an ideal thing to do. 

What is the thing you should get to start this project, and what are the things you need to know before even starting. Will you need specific tools, and what can you expect as a finished product when you do so. 

We wish to answer all those questions in mind and also to share the process of how you could paint your grasscloth wallpaper in the right way. We would even fancy sharing some color scheme ideas and tips to level-up your grasscloth gaming for your interior. 

More about Grasscloth Wallpaper

It is a wallpaper covering that holds a title in providing an instant glow-up for your space.  Its luxurious texture is a calming piece of an element that will complete your dream interior design distinctive and satisfying. 

It is made up of natural materials like hemp, jute, reed, etc., and useful for adding texture and warmth to your walls. Check Phillip Jeffries grasscloth for its superb collection. 

Though it is almost perfect for your walls, there are times that you would want to make some changes to your walls like colors and designs. So instead of buying a new set which is not cost-effective, you have the option of painting it and to some revamp. 

As we know that in order to get a beautiful result in painting your grasscloth wallpaper, you must have the perfect tools and equipment. 

So here are the things you will need in painting textured wallpaper, specifically grasscloth wallpaper:

  • Paint; 
  • Paint Brush (high quality);
  • Roller;
  • Glue;
  • Glue Syringe;
  • Tapes;
  • Sponge;
  • Sandpaper;
  • A primer (oil-based); 
  • Something to protect your furniture and floors. 

A grasscloth wallpaper covering tends to absorb more paint, so you would have to know an excellent technique to ensure that you will still get an appealing result. We will also present tips and tricks to achieve that. 

  • Step 1

Ensure proper preparation, meaning check if you have to reseal or glue some part of your wallpaper to the wall. 

  • Step 2

With the glue syringe, pump glue toward the bubbling sections of the grasscloth wallpaper. In 20 seconds, tidy each area by compressing it tightly upon the wall. Allot an hour to dry the glue.

  • Step 3

Clean your grasscloth wallpaper to ensure that you will eliminate unwanted dirt like dust and accumulated substance that will hinder a nice and smooth finish.  Use your sponge to damp clean the surface. 

  • Step 4

Sand necessary seams lightly if you put some glue to your wallpaper to fix some dents. 

  • Step 5

Use tape, secure any spot that you think needs to be protected. Make sure that you already set up your drop cloths to cover and protect your walls and furniture. 

  • Step 6

You will need to use a primer before anything else and make sure that it is an oil-based one. This will ensure that your paint will lock the glue and prevent moisture that can penetrate and ruin your wallpaper’s final look.

  • Step 7

Finally, apply the first coating of your choice’s paint; it could be flat latex paint. Use your roller. Paint vertically, then go from left to right. 

Wait for at least 2 hours before applying the second coat. You can then prime areas of your wallpaper and let it dry for another couple of hours. 

For the final coating, you could choose satin latex as it gives an excellent result.

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