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Home Decor and Garden Trends Taking Over In 2021


With more people choosing holidays in the UK over holidays abroad, our homes and gardens have become a focal point of our out-of-office lives. From having somewhere fun to enjoy time with the family, to having somewhere peaceful and relaxing to unwind with friends, 2021 is a big year for home decor and garden trends. 

Here, we’ll explore this season’s must-have home and garden design styles with simple tips on how you can implement them easily in your home this summer. 


As many people are now working from home, it’s never been more important to ensure your home’s interiors and exteriors offer you somewhere comfortable to relax. Luckily, comfortable furnishings are a major trend in 2021. 

Go for large, springy sofas with dual-layered foam for maximum comfort—velvet is an extremely luxurious fabric and very in vogue right now, too. Outdoors, you can buy some amazingly comfortable corner dining sets or hanging egg chairs to relax on with a book or drink on an evening.

Colour trends

When it comes to this season’s colour trends, 2021 is all about warm shades and having a calm, neutral ‘base’ that you can then embellish with bright splashes of bold tones. If you want to adopt this eye-catching mix, start by picking a neutral base and then decide which pop of bold colour you want to complement it. 

Pantone has chosen ‘Ultimate Grey’ and ‘Illuminating’ (a shade of yellow) as its colours of the year for 2021, which shows the popularity of this ‘bold-shade-on-plain-background’ trend. You can check out furnishings and accessories for both outside and inside in these two stunning shades or go for your own duo. How about cream with a bright turquoise in your bathroom? Or a calming forest green with pops of magenta for your patio furniture? Whatever your choice, just make sure the base colour is dominant to really make the brighter shade stand out. 


2021 is all about vintage and a key trend is the ‘granny style’ decor. Although this often has negative connotations when it comes to interior and exterior design, it’s definitely worth considering if you want your home to stay in style this season. 

In the lounge, opt for floral wallpaper and antique ornaments. For the dining room, consider a large, mahogany dining set rather than chic glass or chrome. Outside, you can go for a retro birdbath or if you can, get hold of a vintage bicycle with an old-fashioned basket that you can place in the garden and decorate with flowers to really get in on the trend. 

Outdoor dining 

Summer means socialising and now more than ever, we’re enjoying hosting friends and family in our gardens rather than going out. This means there’s a growing trend for the ‘garden bar’ where you can serve drinks and snacks to guests during the warmer summer months. Even better, these don’t have to cost a fortune. You can up-cycle a garden bar using wooden pallets and scaffolding boards if you want. These can also give your bar a fashionably rustic appeal that’s also on-trend this season. 

Why not go one step further and install an outdoor pizza oven? These are hugely popular right now and not only are they durable and built to last, they’re also a great talking point and the kids are sure to love them.

Hopefully, you’ve been inspired to give your home and garden a quick makeover to keep them on-trend for 2021. Happy designing! 




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