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Trees are undoubtedly a crucial part of our environment, but sometimes due for some reasonTree Removal Toronto becomes essential. There can be various reasons for carrying out tree removal. If you need to remove a tree, you must hire professionals to carry out the task as it is not easy and a risky job. The tree needs to be removed with care without causing any damage to the people or property around. However, to carry out tree removal, a permit is required. Before understanding the process of what happens in tree removal, it is crucial to know what types of trees can be removed. Tress which are in perfect condition, not located on anyone’s private property, or not posing any danger can’t be removed.

When can you remove a tree?

Before the tree can be removed, it needs to be inspected by an arborist. The report drawn up will determine whether the tree is dead or has its top broken, or has large limbs that are damaged. These damaged limbs can pose a significant threat to people and property surrounding the tree. If the tree is too close to the building, power lines, or other structures, then the tree needs to be removed. A tree that has been damaged during a storm poses a threat to safety. The arborist will also check whether the root has faced any damage due to underground infrastructures like water pipes and gas lines. Even when the tree becomes an inconvenience, like blocking sunlight, blocking the driveway, or drooping branches, the tree can be removed. A professional arborist can only remove the trees as a prevention measure.

The Process of tree removal

Tree removal is a highly complex process and needs to be carried out by a professional. To remove the tree, one needs to climb up the tree and then cut it into small and manageable pieces. Here is what happens in a tree removal process.

Limb Chipping

The tree’s limbs can be removed and recycled, and used around the property in the tree removal process. The charges for limb chipping depend from company to company and whether they have chippers available or not.

Removal of a tree trunk

Once the tree has been chopped off, the tree trunk needs to be moved away from the location. A lot of tree services offer to cut the trunk of the tree into smaller sections. They would also haul them out for you. But this would charge you a little extra.

Removing of the Stumps

Whenever you are planning to carry out tree removal, stump removal is not included in it. Most of the time, you would need to pay a little extra to get it a day. This is so because it is done with the help of specialized equipment. A skilled contractor should always carry out stump removal. The price for removal depends on the diameter of the stump and its condition. It is always cheaper to remove a rotten stump.

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