Moving to Christchurch: Do it Yourself or Hire a Mover


Wondering whether to move your possessions or to hire pro movers is one of those important decisions that you need to make while moving? Moving to Christchurch can be your best decision. As the place is one of the most wonderful places in New Zealand. Either you do it yourself or Christchurch movers can help you in the entire relocating process. 

Here we will discuss the pros and cons of moving to Christchurch by yourself and by hiring the movers.

Moving Yourself


  • Total Control Over The Move – If you choose this option, you can have complete control over the entire process of moving. You get to choose the truck for transportation and handle the boxes of your belongings yourself to avoid any breakage in the process. 
  • Saves Money – The DIY move can save a lot of money for you. The expense you will incur if you hire a moving company can exceed your budget and expectations as they have an estimate of every good. 


  • The Heavy Lifting Of Furniture And Other Belongings – It is the most tiring and stressful part if you are moving by yourself. Lifting those heavy boxes and carrying the furniture is not going to be simple for anybody until you are a hulk in real 
  • Planning – A lot of planning and firmness is needed if you do the move by yourself. You have got to figure out the whole logistics of moving your stuff from the old place to the new one.
  • Unexpected Problems – If any problem arises then you are the only one to solve it and without any professional assistance you will end up wasting time trying to fix it. 

Hiring Movers


  • Lifting Is Not Your Headache – You don’t have to lift anything other than your finger to show your belonging to them.
  • Efficiency – You have to agree that there is a huge difference between your efficiency and the efficiency of the professionals. A reputable company is always reliable as they are used to doing the loading and unloading job regularly. 
  • Less Stress – Hiring a mover means you are handing over your stress to them. You can be stress-free about the whole procedure. By hiring a reputable company among Christchurch movers be stress-free.


  • Fewer Flexible – You lose the flexibility over the movement after hiring a mover. Starting from the time of pickup till reaching the destination, there isn’t anything which you can change. The entire process will be on their decision and planning.
  • Expensive – Moving companies are really expensive. Their charges depend on the weight of goods, time of the travel and distance. 

Considering every aspect handling the responsibility for the movers is a better decision. However, remember to do thorough research and see the reviews before making any decision

These were the pros and cons of completing the entire process of shifting by yourself and with the help of movers.



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