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Professional Commercial Maintenance Services in Singapore


The rise of the Singapore economy has brought about an increase in commercial and residential buildings. Many businesses and homeowners face the problem of maintaining their property at a high standard. Preserving a good image by ensuring safety and cleanliness is important in modern day society. In our company, you will have a reliable partner to attend to your everyday needs.

About Us

B2S Specialist Singapore provides both residential and commercial clients with a number of services ranging from cleaning to landscaping. We work efficiently to provide for your needs at a high-quality professional standard. We will strive to help you build and maintain the dream image for your company.

What Can We Provide?

External Facade Cleaning

Companies which reside in high rise office buildings often face the difficulty of keeping their external facades clean. Neglecting this duty will lead to an accumulation of dirt and other residue which will not give a good impression to onlookers. Maintaining the aesthetic of your building is the first step in maintaining a good perception of your company.

This neglect is mainly due to the dangers faced when cleaning an external facade. Safety issues will often arise when the job is not done right. Our cleaning services incorporate our state of the art rope access services tried and tested by international standards to ensure safety and efficiency while polishing your office windows.

Our service keeps our professionals safe by utilizing nylon ropes connected to high tech mechanisms. The workers will descend from the roof attached to an anchor and make sure that each floor will be inspected and kept clean before reaching the ground. Whether you own a real estate, office building or hospital, leave it to us to maintain a beautiful facade which will leave your clients enticed. Learn more about external facade cleaning Singapore along with our rope access services.

Building Maintenance & Inspection

As an owner of a business, maintaining a beautiful and sturdy building goes hand in hand with maintaining your company image. Clients often get their first impression of how your business is run from your company infrastructure. Thus, it is important to maintain this image in order to attract and keep your customers and office workers.

Our building maintenance and inspection crew will guarantee a cost effective service that will keep your clients and employees happy. We will make sure that your building does not depreciate and derive value for your company. Your facilities will work at maximum efficiency and be maintained at the optimal standard set in Singapore. Aside from the infrastructure, we also provide services such as plumbing and electrical system maintenance.

Safety and stability is of maximum importance for our service. Providing an aesthetically pleasing look for your building is also our aim as we provide polished walls, windows and ceilings to appeal to customers. We can tend to apartment tenants, real estate agents or business owners who are looking for a hassle-free service at the best value.

Want to know more? Look for our building maintenance companies in Singapore near you.

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