The Quickest Way To Paint Your Garden Fence


The way a fence is painted can make a huge difference to the appearance of your property. If you want to paint your garden fence quickly, this short guide will provide you with some quick tips for how to plan and prepare for the project.

Before you start

When preparing your garden fence for painting, the first decision is the choice of paint. If you are working with a paint sprayer, it is important to ensure the type of paint used is compatible with the spray gun. Once you have chosen your paint, you are ready to move to the next stage of planning your fence painting project.

Whether you are painting using a brush, roller, or paint sprayer, you might be concerned about paint damage to conjoining areas like posts or pillars that you don’t want to be painted. If this is the case, then covering these areas with waterproof sheeting before you start, will help you quickly and efficiently paint your fence without worrying about damage to any neighbouring elements.

Consider cleaning the fence to remove any traces of dirt that may have built up over time. By removing the dirt with a pressure washer, or by hand with soap and a sponge, you can help ensure you achieve a fast, clean finish to your paint job.

How to paint your garden fence quickly

When choosing which day is best to paint your fence, it’s important to make sure your fence is dry. If the fence was cleaned or has been rained on the days before, allow time for it to dry before starting your paint project.

A quicker drying time reduces the chance of an uneven finish from accidental damage to the paint whilst it’s drying. For this reason, painting during the warmer months with a faster dry time increases the chance of a smooth finish.

Once you have prepared your fence for painting, the quickest way to paint the fence is by using a paint sprayer. There are many air spray guns available for this purpose, with different speeds and capacities. Once you have chosen your paint spraying solution, wind speed is one other factor to consider when picking your painting day.

By working on days when the wind speed is lowest, there is less chance of the paint spray dispersing across other areas. Working with wind speed at a minimum helps to keep the paint sprayer focused on the precise area you are targeting, which allows the fence to be painted quicker than during high wind speeds.

In summary

– Prepare your painting project
– Choose the right paint for your air spray gun
– Work with the weather

By following the above tips, you can help ensure a fast and professional-looking finish for your garden fence.

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