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Types of roofs that professional roofers can give you


There are so many types of roofs out there and that is the beauty of it. All the houses have different roofs, they might have the same paint color, or the same windows, but the texture and the quality of the roofs will always be a lot different than the other parts of the house. A house’s roof plays a huge role in determining the inner situations of the house. If the roof is cleaned off regularly, you will see that the roof will be able to provide protection from all kinds of situations related to the weather, no rain, no sunlight, no dirt can come inside the house and damage anything in the house that you have such as your assets, appliances, clothes, food etc. There won’t be any hazards to look out for, if water can leak into the house, it can touch any electrical appliances and things can really go south from there. If the roof is broken into several pieces, a big patch can take place which can allow numerous rodents and insects to come inside the house and put you and your family members at a bigger disadvantage. This is why taking care of a roof and getting it repaired is important, but if you are at a point where your roof is just at the end of its life then this is the time to look for different roofs, and see what benefits each of them provide and what you might be looking for after experiencing your previous roof.

Types of roofs you can get.

There are different types of roofs all having different kinds of benefits, they are the following:

Gable roof.

This type of a roof is what you have always seen when you were growing up in movies and TV shows as well as even in paintings at school only to grow up and see that your house had the same type. This type is the most common type of a roof and the great benefit it provides is that it does not carry any snow, rain, dust or anything because of its triangle downward position which take all the rain, dirt, and snow to the gutters of the roof which eventually go to the main gutters on the roads.

Dutch gable roof.

This is a version of the gable roof for aesthetic reasons, it functions the same as a gable roof, aside from the only difference being that it has another roof around the house with a space on top in the form of a triangle where one can add a window to the attic for aesthetic reasons or for increasing the ventilation of the attic. It does offer a benefit, as the attic can be a form of a second defense for the roof, because houses that have a Dutch gable roof have an attic so that the triangle area can be turned into a room or a storage space as every other attic does.

Hip roof.

These roofs can really take a lot of space for the house and this is their main benefit, you won’t have to spend on maintaining the house’s walls, windows, etc. you will just have to maintain the roof to make the house look new and clean all the time as a hip roof is spread wider than a gable roof. These roofs are mostly seen in suburban areas or in east Asian homes.

Flat roofs.

These roofs are mostly used in south Asian homes to make sure that the house can have many floors in case the home owners change their minds. You do not have to have a gable roof or a hip roof on your entire house, you can put a flat roof on one portion of your house in case you want to turn the floor into a roof garden or a relaxing area.

Therefore, if you want to get any of the types of roofs mentioned above, then click here now to get in touch with a roofing company.


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