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Tips for Decorating Your Florida Beach Home


When was the last time you refreshed your Florida beach home? Even though that is a home you only visit on weekends or during holidays, your beach home is your second home. Thus, treat it with respect. Don’t overfill it with outdated furniture items and household knick-knacks you don’t want in your ‘first’ home. Instead, make that home have a character, make it your happy place, and make it a home in which your family will make some of the best memories. We know you want this – after all, that is why you are here, reading this article. Don’t worry, we got you covered. Today, we will share with you some tips for decorating your Florida beach home. So, keep on reading, if this is something you plan on doing soon.

Declutter Everything First

No matter how much you invest in decorating your Florida beach home, it will look bad if it is cluttered with stuff. It will look messy, dirty, and uncomfortable. Prevent this from happening by simply decluttering the entire home. This is one of the easiest and cheapest DIY home improvement and decorating tips we (and pretty much anyone else) can give you. 

Keep only the things you simply can’t live without while you are vacationing in your beach home. And, get rid of the rest. If some of those items (that you don’t need) are in good shape, consider donating them to a charity or giving them to some of your friends or family members. Or, if you need some cash for decorating your Florida beach home, you can also sell those items online or on an organized yard sale. And, once you are done decluttering, and once your home is free from unnecessary items, you will have a clear picture of what you can decorate first. 

Caption: You can’t start decorating your Florida beach home without decluttering it first.

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Replace Some of the Furniture

As mentioned above, your beach home can’t look good if it is cluttered with stuff. Moreover, it also can’t look good if it is full of old and outdated furniture. So, if your budget allows it, replace some of it. And, don’t worry about heavy lifting – moving experts such as those from Pro Movers Miami can help you carry everything old out and then everything new in.

However, we understand that replacing all furniture is expensive and that not everybody can do this. But, what everybody can do is repaint and refinish their furniture pieces (including cabinets, doors, windows, etc.). Check YouTube for guides on how to repaint furniture and check Pinterest for some inspiration. 

Give Your Walls a Fresh -Coat of Paint

This one just goes without saying – when decorating your Florida beach home, you simply must upgrade the look of your walls. A fresh coat of paint will change everything – not only the look of your walls but also the entire vibe of your beach home. So, what are you waiting for – go get some paint. But, be careful of which colors you choose. We suggest investing in some of the latest neutrals – white, beige, gray, or even something pastel-like.

Moreover, don’t stop at painting your walls. Give them a bit of character with decoration. For instance, you can mount some bright-colored painting or photo. Or, you can add a hanging plant or even some interesting wall lights. Play around with your wall color and decor – do something you always wanted. After all, this beach home should also be your dream home. 

Caption: Fresh coat of paint can transform even the gloomiest rooms. 
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Add Some Beachy Items

A beach home should not be full of expensive and valuable items, no. It should be full of items that are comfortable and items that people are not afraid to touch or sit on when they come to your home. So, if you have some of these items, move them somewhere else – local moving experts can handle the transfer of these to storage, for example. And, once you are free of them, add something fun – something that will give your beach home even more character.

For instance, you can add some swing chairs, ottomans, funky lamps, etc. Moreover, don’t forget to include some beach-themed items such as picture and photo frames made of seashells, accent rugs made of sea grass, colorful curtains, little palm trees and plants in pots, funky throws and pillows, hanging lights, and pretty much anything you associate with the beach.

Caption: Your beach home should look colorful – colors make everything interesting.

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The Outside is Just as Important as the Inside

There is nothing better than spending those warm days outside. So, if you have a yard, a patio, or even a balcony on your Florida property, you are very lucky. Don’t neglect that outdoor space – the outside of your Florida beach home is just as important as its inside. So, do everything in your power to make your outdoor space look good, comfortable, and inviting. 

There are many things you can do here – paint your garden fence, add outdoor lighting, upgrade your furniture, add a swing, build a fountain, etc.  If you have kids with whom you love coming to this beach house, you can also create some fun space for them outside – you can add a small pool, a slide, hammocks, and a lot of outdoor toys. And, when you finish decorating your Florida beach home, that is, the yard of that beach home, don’t forget to mow the lawn, trim the trees and bushes, and add a lot of flowers too.

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