Keep It Fresh: 4 Important Tips For Summer Pool Maintenance


Sydney can get seriously toasty in the summer. With days surpassing the 40 degree mark, it’s obvious why so many Sydneysiders have the great Aussie pool built in their backyards.

And whilst there is nothing more refreshing than having a dip on a ghastly 40 degree day, it is imperative to maintain your pool so that it doesn’t fall victim to any dirt, debris or problematic water levels!

The best landscaping Northern Beaches has available know the ins and outs of pool maintenance, and they will happily provide you with tips like the following to ensure your pool is in tip top form throughout the year:

  • Vacuum the dirt & debris

Although obvious, many homeowners often overlook this imperative action towards keeping your pool clean and well-maintained. You simply must vacuum your pool for dirt and debris to keep it from getting an infection (yes, pools can become infected!).

Pool vacuums essentially work in the same manner as a home vacuum, ensuring that your pool remains dirt and debris-free. The company with the most reputable landscaping Northern Beaches has available will always recommend that you vacuum your pool as well as skim the water for leaves and other muck that forms up top.

  • Maintain proper water levels

This is something that seems incredibly innocuous, but it can’t be overlooked – you need to maintain your water levels! Why? Because maintaining incorrect water levels can cause the pool’s chemical balance to fluctuate and thus force your water filters and skimmers to work harder. Basically, it’s bad for each and every aspect of your pool.

  • Clean the filter, too

Cleaning your pool’s filter is one of the most important aspects of overall pool maintenance. The frequency in which you clean the pool’s filter depends on how much you use it (which could be quite a lot in the hot summer months). Fortunately, there are indicators to watch out for when it comes to knowing the right time to clean the pool, including a clogged drain, inefficient hose cleaner or abnormal pool smell. Depending on the cartridge filter’s size, you may need to clean as regularly as every month or infrequently as every six months.

For diatomaceous earth (“DE”) filters, it should be disassembled and cleaned every few months, as well as backwashing – the job of reversing the water flow through the filter – which should be done every month to clean the filter when it’s not time for a full seasonal service. This job flushes out any debris that may become stuck inside the filter, so it’s imperative that it is done on a semi-regular basis.

For sand filters, the perfect time to refresh the sand is just before the summer swimming surge. Sand generally needs replacing every three to five years, once the water quality starts to struggle. They are similar to DE filters in the way that they should also be backwashed at least once a month to remove some of the unwanted debris from the filter.

  • Keep an eye on that pool chemistry

Corrosive water – or improper water chemistry – is something that can wreak havoc on your pool, its equipment and your deck. Therefore, the last thing you want is to allow the water levels to become imbalanced! You might want to enlist a professional to come and check your pool levels every now and then just so your pool doesn’t end up like one of those grimy, dingy things you would see in an abandoned 1920s mansion.


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