What all needs to be done to winterize the house

What all needs to be done to winterize the house?


People generally start cleaning and organizing their house with the arrival of the cold season. They do the outdoor cleaning first. They check everything that is outside the house.

How to winterize your home?

For most of them, lawn cleaning is a crucial thing to perform, especially in winter. Along with that, they also focus on the gutters. You should take care of your gutter guards every year. It is necessary to clean them after the fall of the autumn leaves. If you are not good at cleaning, then do get some assistance from outside.

Better insulation in the attic can help the most in winterizing your home. Many houses do not have insulation in the attic. Your house must have a minimum of R-38 insulation that is somewhere between 10 and 14 inches in-depth. The warm air will not pass into the attic if there is accurate insulation. Hence, it is one of the best ways of telling how to make your house warmer.

Additional how to winterize a house instructions

Storm windows are perfect during the cold weather. You would be feeling uncomfortable with the typical old single-pane windows. Storm windows give an extra layer of shelter against the cold winds, storm, rain and snow. You can take them off from your existing windows and keep them safe after the cold season.

Do not ignore your air conditioning system in the winters just because you will not use it. Give a call to the Atlanta heating and air companies for the servicing of your AC unit. The system must be maintained during the winter, even if you see minor symptoms. Covering the AC unit with a tarp can prevent animals from taking up habitation.

Ensure that the filters and ducts of your heating system are not clogged or filthy. It is one of the common issues that come with a heating unit. If your home heating system does not have clean filters, it might produce harmful air that can lead to breathing problems. A fan is there in your heater, which distributes warm air to the room. The fan will need more power for circulating air if the air filter of the heater is filthy. Occasional maintenance is vital if you want to increase the performance and lifespan of your appliance. Look for the top-rated Atlanta heating and air companies if you want to replace your heating system.

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